Hand-crafted web sites, images and text.

Here's what is focused on:

  • Web & Interface Design - Designing and building web interfaces and templates using web standards.
  • Web Site Redesign - If you're looking to move your existing site to a CSS-based layout.
  • Consultation - Help with interface strategies.

Web Standards is built on a foundation of web standards — valid, structured code to produce pages that will look great on modern browsers yet still functional and useable on older ones. Utilizing web standards leads to these results:

  • Decreased bandwidth and server space
  • Improved accessibility to all browsers and devices (including those with disabilities)
  • Simplified updating of look and feel
  • Faster page loading
  • Lower costs

Site Design

As we here at like to keep it on the personal level we do not have "catalogue" for you to browse. Contact us for a offer.


"Keep it simple. The web is a vast and ever-changing place. Simplify your message and goal. Make it readable, useable and attractive."